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I am a daughter, an eclectic hobbyist, and a fan of storytelling. 

I come from a long line of strong women. Some of them are related to me, some of them aren’t.

Some of these women I have never met, but their story has impacted mine in ways I am still discovering. Women who were championing the vote, breaking glass ceilings, living quiet lives of courage, and chasing their own dreams. 

All my life I’ve heard stories about women. I’m learning what a gift that is.

There are times it’s a lot to live up to, and I don’t always feel up to the task. But I am thankful to hear their stories, to live in a world they touched, and benefit from the paths they’ve forged.

In this space, I plan to share some of those stories.

© All text and images (not otherwise credited) belong to linesacrossmyface.com. Please seek permission before use – particularly if you’re interested in using pictures of any members of my family. Otherwise I’m happy to have people link back, share, etc. Thank you.